The air conditioner ECOFER UVC is the first air conditioner in Europe that destroys microbial organisms by 99.2% combining 3 innovative technologies: UVC sterilization, self-cleaning at high temperature and specially designed anti-virus filters.

The 3rd generation UVC LED radiation is released inside the air conditioner, directly destroying the DNA and RNA of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, preventing their spread.

Self-cleaning at 58o C intensively disinfects, removing germs, dust, pollen, and also moisture and mold harmful to health.

The anti-virus filter, at nanometer level, with silver ion, cupric ion, ion carrier and zinc ion, performs complete inactivation of viruses, bacteria and pathogens.

UVC technology is simply activated by pressing a button, making the ECOFER UVC air conditioner suitable for home, business and medical spaces.

It has golden fin coating, the functions SLEEP, QUIET, I FEEL, TURBO, TIMER, MEMORY and is certified according to the European eco- design standards for energy saving and low consumption.

Technical Characteristics

  • Energy class A +++ / A ++ DC Inverter latest technology
  • 3rd Generation UVC LED: It destroys the DNA and RNA of microbial organisms (bacteria, viruses and other pathogens) in a short time. It prevents their reproduction and an efficient and rapid broad-spectrum sterilization effect is achieved. Inside of the indoor unit and doesn’t emit UVC light to outside.58oC self-cleaning at high temperature and mildew proof: 58oC high temperature self-cleaning for killing the viruses and drying for bacteria removal and mildew proof.
  • “TIMER ”function for timer setting“Memory” function: automatic restart and maintenance of the previous settings after a power failure.
  • “Memory” function: automatic restart and maintenance of the previous settings after a power failure.
  • “Turbo” function: immediate achievement of the desired temperature.
  • “I FEEL” function, sensor on the remote control
  • Optimal air diffusion in the space, during cooling and heating
  • “SLEEP” function for quiet and economical operation
  • Low noise “QUIET” function
  • Golden Hydrophilic fin: Gold anti-corrosion coating
  • Self-diagnosis of faults and malfunctions
  • Super quiet operation of indoor and outdoor unit
  • Highly designed display, with the possibility of turning off at night