ECOFER, the exclusive distributor of Fairland in Greece, Cyprus and Balkan countries, innovates once again, presenting the pool heat pumps Fairland Inverter Plus , the most efficient on the market, with half running cost and 10 times quieter operation compared to conventional pool heat pumps.

Having maximum coefficient of performance (COP) 16.7, they are suitable for heating and cooling of indoor and outdoor pools even in extreme cold and hot climate conditions. The maximum water temperature of the heated water can reach 40ο C.

The Full Inverter technology combined with the Twin Rotary DC-Inverter compressor and the HP BOOSTER technology, lead to the precise adjustment of the power and refrigerant flow depending on the actual demand, and the anti-shaking operation, resulting in silent operation, high efficiency and minimal consumption.

The spiral titanium heat exchanger leads to a larger exchanging area by 30%, while the soft start function and the DC brushless fan motor contribute to low noise and very low power consumption.

The anti-rusting aluminum alloy casing with hidden screws, the user-friendly menu and the remote control via Wi Fi, are just some of the features that make Inverter Plus pool heat pumps suitable for any project.


  • Super energy-saving and Eco-friendly
  • Super Silent
  • Smartphone APP control remotely (standard)
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Soft start
  • Operating air temperature -10℃~43℃


  • Pool size range 20m³~160m³
    • Indoor and outdoor pools

• Pool heat pumps using Full inverter technology, super energy saving
• Very high Coefficient of Performance / COP =16
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor pools
• User friendly and very silent
• Soft start function for even more energy saving
• Automatic defrosting and large range of ambient temperatures, functions efficient all over the year
• Spiral titanium heat exchanger, enlarge 30% heat exchange surface
• Premium aluminum alloy casing with hidden screws, unique out looking, life time anti-rusting.
• Dc brushless fan motor, lower noise and lower power consumption.
• HP BOOSTER technology: adapts the flow of the refrigerant at the ambient temperature, optimizing the pool heat pump overall function and minimizing the energy consumption
• Twin rotary DC inverter compressor for anti-shaking, higher efficiency and quieter operation.
• Eco friendly refrigerant R32.