Pool Equipment


High efficiency // Pool size 130m³~520m³


• Super energy-saving and Eco-friendly
• Super Silent
• Smartphone APP control remotely (standard)
• Automatic defrosting
• Soft start
• Operating air temperature -7℃~43℃

• Pool size range 130m³~520m³
• Indoor and outdoor pools

Full Inverter Technology

Full-inverter HP brings you half running cost and 10 times quieter swimming environment based on AVERAGE performance. When season starts, the Full-inverter HP runs at 100% capacity to heat up the pool in the first few days. After that, the Full-inverter HP runs at AVERAGE 50% capacity to maintain the desired pool temperature.
Normally, the pool temperature drops 0.5~1.5℃ daily, 50% capacity of a Full-inverter HP is sufficient to heat up the pool by 1.5~2.2℃ in 15 hours running with the right model selection. The AVERAGE COP 11.5 leads to half running cost compared with an On/Off HP. Meanwhile, the AVERAGE sound pressure of a Full-inverter HP is 45.2 dB(A) at 1m, which is 10 times quieter than an On/Off HP and even can be negligible.

Fairland Full Inverter

• Pool heat pumps using Full inverter technology, super energy saving
• Very high Coefficient of Performance / COP =16
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor pools
• User friendly and very silent
• Soft start function for even more energy saving
• Automatic defrosting and large range of ambient temperatures, functions efficient all over the year
• Spiral titanium heat exchanger, enlarge 30% heat exchange surface
• Premium aluminum alloy casing with hidden screws, unique out looking, life time anti-rusting.
• Dc brushless fan motor, lower noise and lower power consumption.
• HP BOOSTER technology: adapts the flow of the refrigerant at the ambient temperature, optimizing the pool heat pump overall function and minimizing the energy consumption
• Twin rotary DC inverter compressor for anti-shaking, higher efficiency and quieter operation.
• Eco friendly refrigerant R32