Manufactured with high quality materials, controlled by quality assurance system ISO 9001:2008, and carrying all certificates and test reports that proofs their quality.
Suitable for households, achieve high production of domestic hot water in less time, saving energy throughout the year, even in areas with little sunshine because of their selective collector surface.

Mods available

120 lt. tank with 1x2sq.m collector

160 lt. tank with 1×2,3sq.m collector

160 lt. tank with 1×2,5sq.m collector

200 lt. tank with 2×1,5sq.m collector

300 lt. tank with 2x2sq.m collector

Complete Solar Water Heaters

Inner tank material: DCP steel sheet. Thickness 2,5 mm for tank body (EN 10130/2006) / DCP steel sheet.Thickness 1,25 mm for jacket type heat exchanger (EN 10130/2006)
Anticorrosion protection: Internal glass enamel layer (DIN 4753-3) processed at 850 οC / Certified material for use with potable water (DIN 51032 & EN 1388-2) / Magnesium anode rod protection 12438
Welding Type: Metal Inert Gas MIG welding
Insulation: Hard Polyurethane Foam density 50kg/m3 (DIN 53420),
self extinguishing (DIN 4102)
Back-up heating element: Electric from 1,5 up to 4 kW
(according to order)
External Cover material: Pre-painted galvanised steel sheet 0,5mm (EN 10204)
Working pressure: max
10 bar (tank) tested at 16 bar (EN-12976-2/2006)
3 bar (exchanger) tested at 6 bar (EN 12976-2/2006)
Working temperature max: 95 οC

The installation can be done easy and fast with the innovative mounting structure, made of galvanized steel, without any welding, and the solar collector can be installed and levelled easy with the internal movable parts.