ECOFER manufactures innovative products complying with the latest European directives, standards and regulations, that are available in the Greek market, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia:

  • Portable air conditioners ECOFER ICE / ECOFER 4seasons / ECOFER Professional
  • Air conditioners ECOFER UVC A +++ energy class with special technology of 3 stages of destroying viruses, bacteria, pathogens
  • Silent dehumidifiers of high performance ECOFER EASY / ECOFER FAST / ECOFER COMFORT / ECOFER FINE
  • Solar thermal panels suitable for all climatic conditions and a wide range of ambient temperature ECOFER SMART / ECOFER SMARTSOL

With over 30 years of experience, ECOFER represents the largest companies of electromechanical products in the world, guided by the excellent quality and the thorough design. All products are certified according to European directives, regulations and specifications, safety and quality standards and have been subjected to detailed test reports in specialized laboratories.

ECOFER’s ever-expanding range includes the following products:

  • Air to water Heat pumps / Coolers for space heating and cooling and domestic hot water (DHW) production
  • Fan coil wall – floor – ceiling – cassette – duct type , exposed/concealed
  • Pool heat pumps for cooling / heating of pools – jacuzzi – spa with Full inverter technology
  • Titanium heat exchangers / electric heaters for pools – jacuzzi – spa
  • Recirculation pool pumps / Filters / Pool solenoid valves
  • Hydraulic and electric (robots) pool cleaners
  • Dehumidification systems for indoor pools
  • Pool cleaning and water treatment systems / Salt electrolysis / Adjustment and dosing of pH / Adjustment and dosing of Redox / Ionization with Cu – Ag / Consumables
  • Automation system for remote control of pools
  • Polyethylene solar panels (HDPE) for pool heating exclusively using solar energy
  • Isothermal and Winter Covers / bar covers / pool safety covers / Pool Liners / decorative friezes / PVC Reinforced / Flexible pool water storage tanks
  • Highly designed pool waterfalls / pergolas / awnings
  • Domestic and light commercial air conditioners
  • Portable air conditioners / Air conditioners without outdoor unit
  • Air conditioners with UVC radiation technology against viruses, pathogens, bacteria
  • Electric boilers with intelligent power regulation for low consumption
  • Dehumidifiers / Humidifiers / Ionizers – Air Purifiers
  • Fans / Air coolers / Air curtains
  • Fans for ventilation and humidity control/ Fans for heat transfer and ventilation / Heat recovery fans
  • Air heaters / radiators / storage heaters/ inertia radiators / combined storage heaters with convectors/ Electric fireplaces / Halogen – quartz – carbon fiber heaters
  • Infrared heating systems
  • Electric underfloor heating set
  • Pellet – wood – gas stoves
  • High efficiency pellet boilers / fireplaces / stoves
  • Panel radiators / AKAN radiators with slices / Oil radiators / Bath radiators – towel rails / Switches and connecting accessories / Electrical resistances & thermostats for bathroom heaters
  • High design electric towel rails / Electric towel rails from stone
  • Water heaters / Hot water tanks with electric resistance / Electric heaters / expansion and buffer tanks
  • Complete solar thermal systems / Solar water heaters / Hot water tanks / Solar thermal panels / Connection kits
  • Solar thermal systems automations / Differential controllers for solar plants and remote control of the solar system / Solar stations


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