Air Sterilizer


House-wide purification
One-button sterilization

  1. All-round 360° large-area air inlet
  2. HEPA 13+ formaldehyde removal framework + modified activated carbon Three-in-one annular filter screen
  3. UVC LED UV sterilization lamp, zero ozone generation
  4. Intelligent air quality PM2.5 AQI display and ambient light indication
  5. DC motor, low power consumption + high efficiency conversion + high life
  6. Low noise purification<30 dB(A) , sleep peacefully
  7. Service life reminder of filter element
  8. Minimalist design, fashionable appearance
  9. High-end quality environmental protection material, safe and health

The newly developed Ag+Cu antibacterial and antiviral technology, adding anti-coronavirus factor, taking PET framework as carrier to carry antibacterial components, and then cooperated with medical H13 Grade HEPA filter screen to play a good role in bacterial isolation, sterilization and antivirus. It has been proved by third party detection that it has obvious removal effect on Coronavirus (SARS-COV-2 /COVID-19), SARS, avian influenza, H1N1 (respiratory influenza virus) and other viruses.
Certified by the American Institute of Innovative Bioanalysis Inc.